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Latest update: April 2019

Orlando Bicycle Beltway

Linking Orlando Downtown Area Bike Trails

Orlando has an aggressive pedestrian and biking plan to eliminate fatalities by the year 2040. Part of that effort is to develop a continuous Orlando Bicycle Beltway, which is already emerging. This effort uses portions of existing bike trails and is filling gaps to eventually create a 8.5 mile trail loop. See map.

Below we list the incorporated Orlando Bike Beltway trails, connectors, and remaining gaps. On our Google map, in addition to the Beltway and gaps, we believe it useful to include the entirety of the connecting bike trails, so at a glance you can view all nearby cycling options. Please check back often, as we update regularly on the progress of the Beltway.

Orlando Bike Beltway Map
(Existing trails, connectors, and gaps)

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Orlando Urban Trail

Orlando Urban Trail

The Orlando Urban Trail will link Downtown Orlando to the city's northern boundary at Winter Park's Mead Garden, about 4 miles.
From Magnolia Avenue, go east to Lake Highland Avenue (about 0.6 mile) and then follow the street route to the Cady Way Trail at Druid Lake Park.


Cady Way Trail

On-street route - Orlando Urban Trail to Cady Way Trail
Marked street route runs about 1.7 miles from Orlando Urban Trail at Lake Highland to Cady Way Trail at Druid Park.


Bumby Path

Bumby Path - Colonial Drive to Corrine Drive, 0.9 mile; crosses the street route between Orlando Urban Trail and Cady Way Trail


Cady Way Trail

Cady Way Trail
7.5 miles total through sections of Orlando and Winter Park. Connects to the Cross Seminole Trail at the Seminole County Line, and to Lake Baldwin Trail at Baldwin Park.

From Lake Druid Park, follow the trail to Maguire Blvd. (0.5 mile) and then go south to Colonial Drive.



Airport Gap - From Cady Way Trail, along Maguire Road to Lake Underhill Path at Livingston St.


Lake Underhill Path

Lake Underhill Path - 2.5 mile trail running past Orlando Executive Airport that links four Orlando City Parks: Orlando Festival Park, Col. Joe Kittinger Park, Lake Underhill Park, and Park of the Americas.

From Livingston St. go south and under the SR 408 expressway to Anderson St. (0.9 mile) and a future link to downtown.



Gap, Downtown Connector Trail - Running along Anderson St. from Lake Underhill to Rosalind Ave.

Gap, Connector to Gertrude's Walk - From Rosalind Ave. to Gertrude's Walk at Church St.


Van Fleet Trail, Florida

Gertrude's Walk - Part of the Orlando Urban Trail, between Church St. and Jefferson St. (0.3 mile)

Gap - Jefferson St. to Lynx Bus / SunRail Train Station


Van Fleet Trail, Florida

W. Colonial Drive Bridge - From the Lynx Bus / SunRail Train Station at Livingston St., continue to the overpass at West Colonial Drive. Over the bridge, follow the path to Orange Ave. (0.6 mile)

Gap - Connecting Orlando Urban Trail from bridge access along Orange Ave. to Magnolia Ave. Discover Central Florida's Safest & Best Bike Trails

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