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Bike Trails... South Volusia County, FL

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Volusia County, across the St. Johns River north of Sanford, FL, is expanding its parks and trails to become a world-class eco-destination. This includes two of Central Florida's best and (soon) longes bike trails. When complete, the 26-mile Spring-to-Spring Trail along with the evolving 52-mile East Central Regional Rail Trail corridor will both be part of the planned 260-mile St. John’s River to Sea Loop and 250-mile Florida Coast-to-Coast Trail.

Bike Trails Overview Map, Volusia County
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3 Bike Trail Reports... S.W. Volusia County

Find trails near you, along with updates on new trail construction. All Volusia County biking reports contain in-sequence trail photos, plus E-Z Google trail maps - no memberships, no sign-ins, 100% private browsing. See also unpaved eco-biking located in Volusia County.

East Central Regional Rail Trail (D)

East Central Regional Rail Trail

47 miles completed, 50+ miles planned. This long rail trail ranks in our Top 10.

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Spring-to-Spring Trail (D)

Spring to Spring Trail, Volusia County

22 miles completed, 26 miles planned. Newest section at Blue Springs State Park.

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SR415 Trail (N)

State Road 415 Trail, Osteen FL

5.5 miles, roadside connector trail from Osteen to just across St. Johns River bridge.

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D = "Destination Trail" of special interest, due to length and features; worth a drive (most include Neighborhood Trail characteristics).
N = "Neighborhood Trail" serving a community for recreation, and to link homes, schools, parks, business, and shopping.

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