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Bike Trails... Orange County, FL

Paved Off-street Biking in and around Orlando

Orange County, FL is home to miles of neighborhood and recreational bike trails, and growing. Its communities are working to expand and connect the trails to create a network that ultimately will be part of the 250-mile Florida Coast-to-Coast Trail and planned 200-mile Central Florida Loop. The City of Orlando is undertaking an initiative to build an Orlando Downtown Loop - an 8.5 mile loop around the city that will link existing trails and fill the gaps between them.

Bike Trails Overview Map, Orange County
(see detailed individual maps via links below)

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21 Bike Trail Reports... Orange County, FL

Find trails near you, along with updates on new trail construction. All Orange County biking reports contain in-sequence trail photos, plus E-Z Google trail maps - no memberships, no sign-ins, 100% private browsing. See also unpaved eco-biking trails located in Orange County.

Avalon Park Bike Paths (N)

Florida bike trails, Avalon Park Bike Paths

16 miles of trails throughout the Avalon Park community in East Orlando

View Trail, Map and 35+ Photos

Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake (N)

Florida bike trails, Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake

2-mile loop within Orlando's largest park (fee). 183 acres alongside Turkey Lake.

View Trail, Map and 10+ Photos

Bumby Multi-use Path (N)

Florida bike trails, Bumby Road Multi-use Path

1-mile path along N. Bumby Ave. between E. Colonial Drive (SR50) and Corrine Drive.

View Trail, Map and 10+ Photos

Cady Way Trail (D)

Florida bike trails, Cady Way Trail

7.5 miles, links to Lake Baldwin, Cross Seminole Trails.

View Trail, Map, and 80+ Photos

Lake Baldwin Trail (N)

Florida bike trails, Baldwin Park, Orlando, Orange County, Cady Way Trail

2.5 mile trail around lake at Baldwin Park. Connects to Cady Way Trail, Baldwin Park Village.

View Trail, Map and 65+ Photos

Lake Fran Loop Trail (N)

Orlando biking, Lake Fran Loop

2 mile loop around Lake Fran at Eagle Nest Park (MetroWest). Connect to Shingle Creek Trail.

View Trail, Map, and 30+ Photos

Lake Nona Trails (N)

Orlando biking, Lake Nona

Including 44 miles of trails and portions of Orlando Southeast Trail.

View Trail, Map, and 70+ Photos

Lake Underhill Path (N)

Lake Underhill Path

3 mile trail linking four parks in Orlando. Eventual connection to Cady Way Trail.

View Trail, Map, and 50+ Photos

Little Econ Greenway (D)

Orlando bike trails - Little Econ Greenway

7.4 miles from Forsyth Rd. to Alafaya Trail, much along wide canal and Little Econ River.

View Trail, Map and 75+ Photos

Maitland Biking (N)

Maitland, Florida Biking, Orange County, bicycling, biking

5 mile bike trail loop (some on-street) linking Maitland parks, residential, commercial. 2.5 mile East-West Connector includes a  bridge over I-4.

View Trail, Map, and 90+ Photos

Mead Botanical Garden - Winter Park (N)

Orlando, bike, biking, Winter Park, Mead Botanical Garden

Paved bike trail connects to Orlando Urban Trail. Boardwalk, walking/hiking paths, picnic, gardens.

View Trail, Map, and 40+ Photos

New Independence Bike Path (N)

Orlando, bike, biking, Winter Garden, New Independence Bike Path

8 miles, bike-friendly model for new Florida communities. Best nearest Falcon Square.

View Trail, Map, and 15+ Photos

Orlando Downtown Connector (N)

Orlando biking, Florida biking, Orlando Downtown Connector, Orlando, Winter Park

1.7 mile section of Downtown Orlando Loop, Orlando Urban Trail to Lake Underhilll Path.

View Trail, Map, and 35+ Photos

Orlando Southeast Trail (N)

Orlando biking, Florida biking, Orlando Urban Trail, Orlando, Winter Park

See Lake Nona. A series of interconnecting trails east of Orlando International Airport, centered around Lake Nona.

View Trail, Map, and 50+ Photos

Orlando Urban Trail (N)

Orlando biking, Florida biking, Orlando Urban Trail, Orlando, Winter Park

5.5-mile in-town trail linking downtown Orlando to Winter Park, part of the Orlando Downtown Loop.

View Trail, Map, and 60+ Photos

Pine Hills Trail (N)

Pine Hills Trail, Orange County, bicycling, biking

About 2.5 miles, 8 when completed. Spur links to Orlando's Barnett Park.

View Trail, Map, and 25+ Photos

Shingle Creek Trail (N)

Shingle Creek Trail, Orange County, bicycling, biking

AKA "Shingle Creek Regional Trail." 9 miles completed, construction underway on connector to Kissimmee.

View Trail, Map and 80+ photos

Ft. Wilderness, Disney World Biking (N)

Orlando biking, Florida biking, Disney World, Wilderness Lodge, Ft. Wilderness, FL bike trail

Gatehouses now restrict trail to guests.

View Trail, Map, and 12+ Photos

Ward Park Trails - Winter Park (N)

Orlando biking - Ward Park, Winter Park

Bike paths link playing fields, fitness path. Connects to Cady Way Trail.

View Trail, Map, and 25+ Photos

West Orange Trail (D)

Orlando bike trails - West Orange Trail Bridge

World-class, 22 mile rail-trail in West Orange County. Connects to South Lake Trail.

View Trail, Map, and 100+ Photos

Winter Park Area (N)

Orlando bike trails - Winter Park Area

Varied suburban neighborhood biking. Connect to Cady Way and Orlando Urban Trails.

View Trail, Map, and 45+ Photos

D = "Destination Trail" of special interest, due to length and features; worth a drive (most include Neighborhood Trail characteristics).
N = "Neighborhood Trail" serving a community for recreation, and to link homes, schools, parks, business, and shopping.

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