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Bike Trails... Seminole County, FL

Paved Off-Street Biking, Greater Orlando Area

Seminole County prides itself as "Florida's Natural Choice," with 24 parks, more than 80 miles of paved and unpaved trails for hiking and Central Florida biking, waterways for fishing, boating and paddling (kayak, canoe), and more than 6,000 wilderness acres to explore. Seminole County's trails include two showcase trails (Cross Seminole and Seminole Wekiva), as well as portions of the Florida Coast-to-Coast Trail and the Florida Scenic Trail.

There are over 50 miles of continuous paved bike trail available via connections between trails - the Seminole Wekiva Trail, which connects to the Cross Seminole Trail, which connects to the Cady Way Trail in Orange County. This will grow as the Florida Coast-to-Coast Trail gaps are completed.

Bike Trails Overview Map, Seminole County
(see detailed individual maps via links below)

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5 Bike Trail Reports... Seminole County, FL

Find trails near you, along with updates on new trail construction. All Seminole County biking reports contain in-sequence trail photos, plus E-Z Google trail maps - no memberships, no sign-ins, 100% private browsing. See also unpaved eco-biking located in Seminole County.

Casselberry Greenway (N)

Cassleberry Greenway

5.5. miles, Casselberry, FL neighborhood trail. Some on-road route

View Trail, Map, and 40+ Photos

Cross Seminole Trail (D)

Cross Seminole Bike Trail

28 mile Seminole County Showcase Trail includes a portion of the Coast-to-Coast Trail

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Kewannee Trail (N)

Kewannee Trail, Seminole County,

Only 1.7 miles, but nice neighborhood trail. Park, lake, boardwalk

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Sanford Riverwalk (D)

Sanford Riverwalk, Seminole County

4.5 miles, scenic trail along Lake Monroe in Sanford, FL. Connect to Coast-to-Coast Trail.

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Seminole Wekiva Trail (D)

Seminole-Wekiva Trail

19 mile Seminole County Showcase Trail. Original 13.5 mile section the best. Part of the Coast-to-Coast Trail.

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D = "Destination Trail" of special interest, due to length and features; worth a drive (most include Neighborhood Trail characteristics).
N = "Neighborhood Trail" serving a community for recreation, and to link homes, schools, parks, business, and shopping.

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