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Latest update: May 2020

Maitland Bike Route...

North Orange County Neighborhood Biking

The City of Maitland has a well established network of Central Florida biking paths for shopping or commuting and has included biking and pedestrian friendly development in its master plan. The route mapped here is a fairly well-marked combination of both bike trail and bike path through parks, residential and commercial areas. Maitland is growing its biking network and has installed 270 "wayfaring" signs marking out routes to parks, schools, and points of interest. (Map and photos below.)

Maitland Bike Route, Orlando biking

Maitland Bike Route Map

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Location: Orange County (Maitland)
End Points: Lake Avenue (Lake Lily), Maitland Community Park
Mileage: 5-6+ miles
Surface: Paved, various width and bike lanes
Trailheads/Parking: Lake Lily Park, Maitland Community Park, Minnehaha Park. (See map)
Nearby Points of Interest: Maitland Art Center, William Waterhouse House Museum, Audubon Center for Birds of Prey, Enzian Theater

Bike Shops / Rentals:

David's World Cycle (Casselberry)

Maitland Bike Route... Comments and Photos

Suggestion: For a great ride with the kids, start at Maitland Community Park (boardwalk, playground, walking trails), ride west over the Hwy 17-92 overpass, to the small tunnel at Greenwood Ave., and return. As a bonus, this section of the trail also has the most shade.

Lake Ave. to Maitland Ave.

The bike route starts as the Bob Sonnenberg Blue Bicycle Trail (designated route 17) at Lake Avenue across the railroad track. A short ride and over a boardwalk is Lake Lily Park (parking, restrooms, water, playground, walking trail). From the park, the trail crosses Maitland Avenue, winds behind some businesses, and ends at Packwood Avenue by the City Hall. To continue on the bike route to Maitland Community Park, turn right on Packwood and then left onto the path along Independence Lane. Cross E. Horatio Avenue, turn left and then right on Maitland Avenue (designated route 2A).

Along Maitland Ave. to Maitland Community Park

This is a busy road with no bike lanes, be aware - or use the sidewalk. After about a half mile, turn right at Bridle Path (across from Sandspur Rd.) then left on Gamewell Avenue (designated route 3). The bike path runs on a residential street and then the trail picks up again at Greenwood Avenue, ride through a tunnel and you are at the 17-92 overpass. Across the overpass, the trail (route 3) continues along Mayo Avenue, over a boardwalk and into Maitland Community Park (parking, restrooms, playground, picnic area, walking/jogging trails, tennis, racquetball).

Maitland Community Park to Horatio Avenue

At Maitland Community Park, follow the "Yellow" route, across the boardwalk, to the exit. Ride on the bike path along Mohican Trail (designated route 4), then turn right where the bike trail picks up and runs between Thistle Lane and Maitland Middle and Dommerich Elementary Schools (designated route 4A). The trail again becomes a bike path on Thistle Lane, ending at Horatio Avenue (route 11).

Horatio Avenue to 17-92

This is another less pleasant section due to the heavy traffic. Turn right at Minnehaha Park (parking, restrooms, water, picnic area, playground) and follow the trail to the tunnel under Horatio (the canal connects Lake Minnehaha to Lake Nina and Lake Maitland). The tunnel exits to Old Horatio Road, ride under the bridge and back to Horatio. Go one block to Swoope Avenue (route 2), turn left and then right on Packwood Avenue. Cross 17-92 and one block down to the left the trail returns to Lake Lily.

Maitland Recreational Trail

The 1.25 mile Sandspur Road Recreational Trail from North Maitland Avenue to North Wymore Road is mostly complete with one small section remaining. The 10-foot wide trail replaces the sidewalk on the north side of Sandspur (designated route 3B), and passes both Lake Sybelia Elementary and Orangewood Christian Schools. At Maitland Avenue, the path ends across the street from Bridle Path and connection to Maitland Community Park (see above). At Wymore Road, it will become part of a route to the neighborhoods and playing fields on the west side of I-4 (when road construction is completed). (Updated: May 2020)

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