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Latest update: June 2021

Maitland Biking... Florida

North Orange County Neighborhood Biking

The City of Maitland has a well established network of biking paths for recreational use, shopping or commuting and has included biking and pedestrian friendly development in its master plan. Maitland is growing its biking network and has Bike Route signs posted along roads, paths, and trails throughout the city, plus "wayfaring" signs marking out routes to parks, schools, and points of interest. Here we map two bike routes: (1) a 5 mile loop that connects several parks, commercial and residential areas on a well-marked combination of both bike paths and bike lanes, and (2) the East-West Connector, a recreational path along Sandspur Road connecting to a pedestrian-bike bridge crossing I-4 that will link the east and west sides of town when completed. (Map and photos below.)

Maitland Bike Route, Orlando biking

Maitland Bike Route Map

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Location: Orange County (Maitland)
End Points: Lake Lily to Maitland Community Park and return; Sandspur Road to Lake Destiny Drive
Mileage: 5-6+ miles, more depending on other Bike Routes selected, and when the East-West Connector is completed
Surface: Paved, various width bike paths and bike lanes
Trailheads/Parking: Lake Lily Park, Maitland Community Park, Minnehaha Park. (See map)
Nearby Points of Interest: Maitland Art Center, William Waterhouse House Museum, Audubon Center for Birds of Prey, Enzian Theater

Bike Shops / Rentals:

David's World Cycle (Casselberry; sales, service)
Advanced Cycles (Maitland; sales, service)

Maitland Biking... Comments and Photos

For a short (5 mile) ride, our Maitland bike loop packs in a lot including 5 parks. Mostly following the well-marked Bike Routes, we visit Lake Lily Park, Independence Square, Maitland Community Center, Minnehaha Park, and Covered Bridge Park. Watch for intersecting Bike Routes and Wayfaring signs leading to parks, schools, history and art centers and more - more miles can be added depending on your destination.

The pedestrian/bike bridge being built across I-4 (near Maitland Blvd.) is a real bonus, part of the "East-West Connector" that will provide a route between the parks, residential neighborhoods, schools, and commercial areas on the east side of town, and the sports complexes and business parks on the west.

(1) Maitland Bike Loop - 5 miles

Lake Ave. to Lake Lily Park (Route 17)

This bike loop starts as the Bob Sonnenberg Blue Bicycle Trail (Route 17) at Lake Avenue. A boardwalk runs along the railroad track, then the path continues about 2/10 mile to a rail crossing and entry to Lake Lily Park. Route 17 runs on Lake Lily Lane (shared with cars), a parallel walking path circles the lake.

Lake Lily Park off US17-92 is centrally located and a local treasure. The park has parking, restrooms, water, playground, picnic tables, walking trail, gazebo, and a boardwalk. Historic markers tell of the history of the area, and the park also includes the historic Waterhouse Residence. More about Lake Lily Park .

Lake Avenue to Lake Lily Park

Lake Lily Park

Lake Lily Park to Independence Square

Continuing as Route 17 from Lake Lily Park, the path crosses Maitland Avenue, winds behind some businesses, runs over another boardwalk, and ends at Packwood Avenue by the City Hall. Cross Packwood Avenue, turn right and then left onto the path along Independence Lane. The new Independence Square (completed in Dec. 2020) is here, with restrooms, benches, picnic tables, fountain and event lawn. Across Independence Lane are restaurants and apartments. Across E. Horatio Avenue construction can be seen, this will extend the path to George Avenue. For now, to continue on the bike loop, turn left at Horatio and then right on Maitland Avenue.

Lake Lily Park to Packwood Ave.

Independence Square

Maitland Ave. from E. Horatio to Maitland Community Park (Routes 2B, 3B, 3)

Maitland Avenue (Route 2B) is a busy road with no bike lanes, be aware - or use the sidewalk. (Note: when riding on sidewalks, always yield to pedestrians and give audible signals when passing.) After about a half mile, Route 2B ends. Turn right at Bridle Path (Route 3B, across from Sandspur Rd.) then left on Gamewell Avenue (Route 3) and ride about 1/4 mile to Greenwood Road where the path picks up again. Ride through the tunnel under Greenwood Drive and you're at the 17-92 overpass. Across the overpass, the path continues along Mayo Avenue (Route 3) with welcome shade provided by large oak trees lining the way. A roadside boardwalk is another bonus as you approach Maitland Community Park.

Maitland Ave. to Gamewell Ave. (Routes 2B, 3B, 3)

Tunnel and Overpass to Maitland Community Park (Route 3)

Maitland Community Park

Maitland Community Park is a gem, a lovely 25-acre oasis with parking, restrooms, community building, 2 playgrounds, picnic pavilions, walking/jogging trails, tennis, basketball and racquetball, plus a 600-foot boardwalk. We stopped to explore the park before continuing our bike ride, and also walked a loop trail within the park along a fitness course. The trails are not long, about a mile in total - they intersect or overlap, and may include "Yellow," "Red" and/or "Blue" markers. Note: Mayo Avenue is the only entry to Maitland Community Park by car. The entry/exit at Arapaho Trail provides pedestrian and biking access. More about Maitland Community Park .

Trail to Boardwalk and Exit

Our bike route follows the trail marked "Blue" and "Yellow" which starts on the right just inside the park entrance, past the community center and tennis courts, to the boardwalk (where bikes must be walked), and exit at Arapaho Trail (about 3/10 mile). This trail starts as paved then becomes sand and gravel, but still bikeable.

"Red" Trail/Fitness Course and Park Facilities

Our walking loop (about 4/10 mile) within the park started and ended at the parking area just inside the park entrance.The WorldTrail Fitness Course ("Red" Trail, also bikeable) starts to the left at the entrance, it includes a series of fitness stations, passes the boardwalk, and ends near the tennis courts. From there, we continued on the trail to complete our loop back to parking. Except for a paved portion approaching the parking area at the end of the loop, this is a sand and gravel trail.

Fitness Trail

More Maitland Community Park

Maitland Community Park to Minnehaha Park (Routes 4B, 5)

Exiting Maitland Community Park, follow the markers for Route 4B, starting on the bike lane along Arapaho Trail to Chippewa Trail - turn right. Continue to Sequoia Trail and turn left, then at Dommerich Drive turn left again and continue to E. Horatio Ave. There's an improved sidewalk along Dommerich from Choctaw Trail to Horatio, otherwise this is on-road with bike lane and sharrow. From Dommerich Drive along Horatio Ave.(Route 5) is about 3/10 mile to Minnehaha Park - there's a bike lane, but due to heavy traffic riding on the sidewalk is adviseable (remember to yield to pedestrians). Turn right at Minnehaha Park. To continue on our bike loop, watch for the multi-use path near the entrance - or stop for a break and to enjoy the views.

Minnehaha Park is another gem. It offers parking, restrooms, picnic area, playground, boardwalk, and a fitness course. The boardwalk was a pleasant surprise, leading to an observation deck with views of Lake Minnehaha. More about Minnehaha Park .

Maitland Community Park to Minnehaha Park

Minnehaha Park

Closing the Loop (Routes 5, 2)
Minnehaha Park to Covered Bridge Park and Packwood Ave.

At the main entrance to Minnehaha Park off E. Horatio a separate multi-use path starts, paralleliing the roadway as it goes to a tunnel under E. Horatio that runs along the Nina Canal. Nina Canal connects Lake Minnehaha to Lake Nina and Lake Maitland (part of the Winter Park Chain of Lakes, link below). The tunnel exits to Covered Bridge Park. This is a small but pleasant park with picnic pavilions and a walking trail, plus of course the landmark wooden covered bridge over NIna Canal.

Past Covered Bridge Park, the path comes to Old Horatio Road. Turn right and cross the covered wooden bridge over Nina Canal, past Jim Houser Azalea Garden. and back to E. Horatio Ave. There's a bike lane on E. Horatio, but given the traffic and short distance (1/10 mile to Swoope Ave.) riding on the sidewalk is adviseable. Turn left on Swoope Avenue (Route 2), and then right on Packwood Avenue (Route 2 continues). Cross US17-92 and continue to the boardwalk (Route 17) - this closes the loop, return to Lake Lily Park from here.

Minnehaha Park to Covered Bridge Park

Covered Bridge Park to Packwood Ave.



(2) East-West Connector - 1.25 miles, more when complete)

Sandspur Road Trail (Route 3B)

Starting the East-West Connector, the 1.25 mile Sandspur Road Trail (Route 3B) runs from North Maitland Avenue to North Wymore Road. The 10-foot wide multi-use pathway replaces the sidewalk on the north side of Sandspur, and passes both Lake Sybelia Elementary and Orangewood Christian Schools. At the Maitland Avenue end, the path is across the street from Bridle Path and connection to Maitland Community Park (see above). At the Wymore Road end, it continues to the new I-4 bridge (under construction, see below),

I-4 Bridge to West Maitland

From the end of Sandspur Road, cross Wymore Road and go right, the path runs roadside then will turn left onto the ramp to the I-4 bridge (when completed). Across the bridge and down the ramp, a new multi-use path is being built mostly following Route 1. From the bridge, Route 1 passes the Lake Destiny Soccer Field along Lake Destiny Drive, which becomes Lake Lucien Drive after crossing Southall Lake. At the end of Lake Lucien, the road goes to a business park but Route 1 turns right onto a ramp that loops around to N. Keller Road. Follow N. Keller to Fennell St. and the Maitland Baseball Complex. This will total about 2.5 miles when completed. We'll document this in more detail after the bridge and multi-use path construction are completed. (Construction shown @ February 2021)

I-4 Bridge

East side - Wymore Road

West side - Lake Destiny Drive (Route 1)

More Information

About Maitland:

We kind of like the original Seminole Indian name Fumecheliga, or "Musk Melon Place" but here's interesting information on Maitland's history.

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