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Latest update: November 2022

Seminole Wekiva Trail...

Biking a Top Seminole County Rail-Trail

Making use of a former rail corridor from the old Orange Belt Railway, the Seminole Wekiva Trail links Altamonte Springs, Longwood, and Lake Mary, going past residential and suburban areas, businesses, shops and restaurants. Originally about 13.5 miles and now totaling 19, the trail has been extended - south of SR 436 in Altamonte as part the evolving Florida Coast-to-Coast Trail (C2C), and north along SR 46 to the Lake County line. Of special interest - just north of Lake Mary is a short trail link where the C2C leaves the Seminole Wekiva and turns east, connecting to the Cross Seminole Trail across a bike bridge over I-4. (Detailed map and photos below.)

Seminiole-Wekiva Trail

Seminole Wekiva Trail Map

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Location: Seminole County (Altamonte Springs, Longwood, Lake Mary, Sanford)
End Points: Altamonte Springs to Sanford (SR 46)
Mileage: 19 miles
Surface: Asphalt, 13'
Trailheads/Parking: San Sebastian Trailhead, Seminole County Softball Complex, Jones Trailhead, Markham Trailhead, behind the Oakmonte shopping plaza in Lake Mary. (See map)
Nearby Points of Interest: Seminole County Softball Complex

Bike Shops / Rentals:

Trek Bicycle Florida (Altamonte Springs and Lake Mary; sales, service) (formerly David's World Cycle)



Seminole Wekiva Trail... Comments and Photos

Rated as a "Destination" (D) trail and part of the Florida Coast-to-Coast Trail , the Seminole Wekiva has grown better with age - bigger shade trees, more amenities, underpasses at SR 434 and Lake Mary Blvd., and at the northwest end, a 0.4 mile unpaved path to the Wekiva River. The original 13.5-miles (starting at the San Sebastian Trailhead and going north) we think offers some of the best recreational biking in the Greater Orlando area - with many nicely shaded sections, benches and rest stops, and more biking away from roadways. Drawbacks: several major road crossings remain.

Here we visit the trail from south to north.

 Page Summary:

  1. Altamonte Springs to Longwood (5 miles)
    - Bear Lake Rd. to SR 436
    - SR 436 to SR 434 - San Sebastian Trailhead
  2. Longwood to Lake Mary (5.5 miles)
    - SR 434 to Lake Mary Blvd. - Jones Trailhead
  3. Lake Mary to Markham Trailhead (5.5 miles)
    - Lake Mary Blvd. to CR 46A -  I-4 Bridge
    - CR 46A to Markham Trailhead
  4. Markham Trailhead to Lake County Line (3.5 miles)
    - Spur to Wekiva River
    - Connect to Wekiva Trail, Lake County
  5. Paint the Trail
    - Art along the Seminole Wekiva Trail
  6. More Information and Resources

Altamonte Springs to Longwood (5 miles)

Bear Lake Road to SR 436 (2.5 miles)

Starting at Bear Lake Road at Maitland Blvd. From here, the trail runs northeast - mostly next to roads and through a power line easement - to Orange Ave. (MM 2.0). (Be careful in this area, there are several road crossings with cars and trucks coming and going from the large stores and businesses.) The trail runs along Orange Ave. and crosses SR 434, then continues to Laurel St.. Turning northbound it travels to SR 436. No trailhead parking yet (one is proposed at Orange Ave. and Laurel St.), currently some parking available at business parking lots. Note: Overpasses/underpasses at both SR 434 and 436 are under review for funding and construction.

Note: To the south of Bear Lake Road, the Seminole Wekiva Trail will run to US 441 (currently, a wide sidewalk) where it will eventually link to the West Orange Trail as part of the C2C.

North of SR 436 - San Sebastian Trailhead to SR 434 (2.5 miles)

After crossing SR 436, the trail runs roadside, east to the entrance to San Sebastian Trailhead. The San Sebastian Trailhead provides parking, water and picnic tables. Here is where the original 13.5-mile trail begins. Leaving the trailhead, the wooded residential area is a surprisingly pretty stretch of the trail, with a bridge over the Little Wekiva River. Be very careful at the Montgomery Road crossing! Past Montgomery Road is a pleasant, mostly shady ride passing Sanlando Park and the Seminole County Softball Complex (parking, restrooms, picnic pavilion, playing fields, playground). The trail then enters a commercial area (be careful at the crossing at Douglas Ave. and Commerce Park Dr.), and arrives at SR 434 where it continues via an underpass.

Longwood to Lake Mary - 5 miles

SR 434 to Jones Trailhead (3.5 miles)

From the underpass the trail runs between Markham Woods Road and I-4, sometimes roadside but mostly sufficiently off the road to have a tranquil feel through residential and semi-rural areas. Several road crossings along the way lead into residential developments, the crossing at E.E. Williamson is the busiest. Parking is available at the Jones Trailhead (parking, benches and water).

Jones Trailhead to Lake Mary Blvd. (1.5 miles)

From the underpass the trail runs between Markham Woods Road and I-4, sometimes roadside but mostly sufficiently off the road to have a tranquil feel through residential and semi-rural areas. Several road crossings along the way lead into residential developments, the crossing at E.E. Williamson is the busiest. Parking is available at the Jones Trailhead (parking, benches, water, fitness station).



Lake Mary to Markham Trailhead - 5.5 miles

Lake Mary Blvd. to CR 46A (2.5 miles)

Shopping and restaurants at the intersection of Lake Mary Blvd. and International Pkwy. create a pleasant stop-off point. An underpass (MM 10.5) crosses busy Lake Mary Blvd. to International Pkwy. where the trail continues through the business park to CR 46A and Colonial Towne Park Center (more shops and restaurants). The Coast-to-Coast Trail branches off here, across a bridge over I-4 to the Cross Seminole Trail (link below). Little shade from Lake Mary Blvd. north to CR 46A.

CR 46A to Markham Trailhead (3 miles)

To continue on the trail requires crossing CR 46A and then International Pkwy. - a busy intersection which we hope will receive future funding for an overpass. From here, the trail follows International Pkwy. about 3/10 mile before it turns west. The Sylvan Lake Junction Station here is a good stopping off point with benches and water. The trail here was built on the railbed of the Sanford-Lake Eustis Railroad, historical markers tell the story. The trail parallels Markham Road but enough off the road to maintain a tranquil feeling for an enjoyable ride. There are several rest stops and overlooks, and a small parking area at Buckingham Estates (Hedgesparrow Ln.) At Lake Markham Rd. turn right to go to Sylvan Lake Park and the playing fields (about 7/10 mile). Continuing on the trail is Markham Trailhead at MM 16. This section of the trail is also an equestrian path.

Markham Trailhead (MM16)

Markham Trailhead has parking, restrooms, and water plus the entrance to the Markham Woods Mountain Bike Trail. An historical marker tells of the lost town of Markham and its lumber, turpentine, and agricultural activities.

Markham Trailhead to Lake County Line - 3.5 miles

Markham Trailhead to SR 46 (2 miles)

From Markham Trailhead, continue along Markham Road to Longwood-Markham Road and go right. This section has several residential and relatively quiet road crossings, with the rail crossing Longwood-Markham Rd. at Via Bonita. The Wekiva Parkway and SRS 46 construction completed, the trail now continues onto SR 46 and continues to the Lake County line.

Spur to Wekiva River (0.5 mile)

Side trip: From Markham Road, go straight across Longwood-Markham Road and around the barrier for a treat - a 0.5 mile unpaved ride to the Wekiva River. At the end of the trail, walk down a short path to view the river; some hiking trails also wind through this area.

Longwood-Markham Road to Lake County Line (1 mile)

From Longwood-Markham Road, the trail runs alongside SR 46 paralleling the Wekiva Parkway, with one road crossing. Over two bridges - at River Oaks Circle and at the Wekiva River - the barriers separating the trail from the busy road are a plus. Entering Lake County, the Wekiva Trail begins at the western end of the bridge across the river. Currently running 6.5 miles, the Wekiva Trail will total 15 miles when completed (link below).

Paint the Trail - Art along the Seminole Wekiva Trail

In the area around E.E Williamson Road (MM 6.5-7.5), stop and view the fence art - paintings (500+) of celebrities and historical figures, as well as memorials - a snapshot of history/pop history. Done by Jeff Sonksen, a self-trained artist and carpenter by trade, the fences have extended since starting outside his parents' home along the trail. Warning: if you read all the quotes, you'll be there awhile!

More Information and Resources

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