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Latest update: February 2023

Orlando Urban Trail...

Orlando, Florida In-town Biking

The Orlando Urban Trail marks a big step in Orlando becoming a more bike- and pedestrian-friendly city, linking businesses, restaurants, shopping, parks, cultural sites, and residential neighborhoods. To date, the trail runs about 5.5 miles, starting from the north at Winter Park's Mead Garden, through Orlando's cultural corridor at Loch Haven Park, through downtown Orlando. A new extension to the south provides a link to the SoDo District and Orlando Health facilities. The trail links to SunRail stations at Historic Church Street, Lynx Central, Advent Health, and Orlando Health. The Orlando Urban Trail is an important part of the Orlando Downtown Loop. (Detailed map and photos below.)

Orlando Urban Trail, Orlando biking

Orlando Urban Trail Map
(with Trail Connectors shown)

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Location: Orange County (Orlando)
End Points: Downtown: Church Street to Magnolia Ave. at Weber St.; South: Division St. from Gore St. to Michigan St.; North: Loch Haven Park to Mead Garden, Winter Park
Mileage: 5.5 miles to date
Surface: 12 ', asphalt, concrete, short portion on-road
Trailheads/Parking: Loch Haven Park, Gaston Edwards Park, Mead Garden (see map)
Nearby Points of Interest: Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando Science Center, Orlando Repertory Theater, Orlando Shakespeare Theater, City of Winter Park, City of Orlando

Orlando Urban Trail... Comments and Photos

A beginning for downtown Orlando FL, and worth a look! Popular with bikers, runners and walkers, the trail can be busy but not crowded. It's almost totally off the road, with one short section on-road. The section north of Magnolia Ave. includes more green space, while sections to the south are urban. The Colonial Drive Bridge in Downtown Orlando is a big plus. The history plaques along the trail are a nice addition.

Here we show the trail both south and north starting from Loch Haven Park (the approximate mid-point of the original trail).

Page Summary:

  1. South from Loch Haven Park
    - Loch Haven Park to Magnolia Avenue
    - Downtown - Magnolia Ave. to Church St. (Gertrude's Walk)
    - Orlando Urban Trail South Extension
  2. North from Loch Haven Park
    - Princeton Street to Mead Garden
  3. More along the Orlando Urban Trail
    - Lake Ivanhoe Trail at Gaston Edwards Park
    - Loch Haven Park
    - On-Road Link to Cady Way Trail
  4. More Information and Resources

Orlando Urban Trail... South from Loch Haven Park

Loch Haven Park to Magnolia Avenue

This section is all paved trail, including residential and business areas, parks and schools along with access to the cultural attractions at Loch Haven Park. It also links to routes leading to the Cady Way and Lake Ivanhoe Trails.

Loch Haven Park to Virginia Drive

Loch Haven Park is at about the middle of the original trail and offers plenty of parking. Heading toward downtown, a bridge crosses Lake Formosa then the trail runs along Heron Drive through a neighborhood featuring original homes on one side and new construction on the other, ending at a shopping/restaurant area.

Virginia Drive to Lake Highland

In this section, the trail follows the old Dinky Line rail bed - the historic former rail line to Winter Park. Crossing Virginia Drive leads into an industrial area. At Ferris Avenue, the trail meets Lake Highland Drive at Lake Highland Preparatory School. Link also from here to the Cady Way Trail (see below).

Lake Highland to Magnolia Avenue

The trail follows Lake Highland Drive between the lake and Lake Highland Prep, continues along the railroad track past Highland Ave., and then comes to Magnolia Avenue. Proceed south on Magnolia to Weber St.

Downtown - Magnolia Ave. to Church St. (Gertrude's Walk)

The bridge at Colonial Drive (SR 50) is a big plus. Be very careful at cross-streets as traffic can be heavy, especially during the week. Public parking lots are available.

Magnolia Ave. to Colonial Dr. Bridge

Cross Magnolia Ave. at Weber St., being careful crossing this busy road. The trail then runs on the north side of Weber St. to Orange Ave. Go south on Orange Ave. to Marks St., then cross to the west side of Orange Ave. - a busy intersection, be very careful. Continue along Orange Ave. to the ramp to the bridge at Colonial Drive. Landscaping added in this section softens the downtown surroundings.

Colonial Dr. Bridge to Livingston St.

Take the ramp from Orange Ave. and cross Colonial Dr. on the bridge. Past here, the trail crosses Concord and Amelia Sts. to the Lynx bus/SunRail train station (note: both buses and trains are equipped to carry bikes). It then runs next to the tracks to Livingston St.

Livingston St. to Gertrude's Walk / Church St. Station

Note: The section from Livingston St. to Jefferson St. is now routed along N. Garland Ave. Here we show a work-around before that route was completed - we'll revisit with an update soon.

Past the bus/train station, turn left on Livingston St. and follow the green route markings. Then turn right onto the sidewalk along Orange Ave. to Jefferson St. Turn right at Jefferson St. and look for the colorful mural - turn left across the railroad track onto the trail along N. Gertrude Ave. and ride on Gertrude's Walk to Church St. (Note: per Orlando code, bicycles are allowed on sidewalks within the city, except "where prohibited by clearly visible signs or markings.") At Washington St., a route is planned linking to the Orlando Downtown Connector as part of the Orlando Downtown Loop.

Learn more about Gertrude Sweet Newell

Orlando Urban Trail South Extension

To the south and currently not connected to the original trail is an extension along S. Division St. from W. Gore St. to W. Michigan Ave. This provides a link to the SoDo District, SunRail and Amtrak service, and Orlando Health facilities, with a spur along Columbia St. The trail (formerly a narrow sidewalk) follows S. Division through a business and industrial district with multiple road crossings and business entrances, so bicyclists will need to stay alert.



Orlando Urban Trail... North from Loch Haven Park

Here the trail runs past Loch Haven Park roadside along N. Mills Ave. and Dorchester Road, then goes on-road heading to Winter Park/Mead Garden.

Princeton Street (Loch Haven Park) to Dorchester St.

Near Loch Haven Park are three intersections - Princeton Street, Rollins Street, and North Mills Avenue. The trail passes the museums, theaters, and Science Center, then follows North Mills Avenue over Lake Estelle.


Dorchester St. to Mead Garden

A short section of trail runs next to Dorchester Street, then the trail goes on-road following Lake Shore Drive to Nottingham Street and Mead Garden. There is not a lot of through traffic in this area, but as always be aware and considerate of auto traffic and the residential nature of the neighborhood.

More along the Orlando Urban Trail

Lake Ivanhoe Trail at Gaston Edwards Park

Gaston Edwards Park is a popular recreational area along N. Orange Avenue at Lake Ivanhoe, close to restaurants and shops on Orlando's "Antique Row." A boat ramp allows launching onto Lake Ivanhoe, popular with water skiers and paddle boarders. It also provides one of the best sunset views in town! The park has sand volleyball courts, playground, and a fitnesss course. The Ivanhoe Trail segment links to the Orlando Urban Trail via sidewalk at Magnolia Avenue or at Highland Avenue.


Loch Haven Park

Loch Haven Park is a main cultural center for Orlando, with the Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando Science Center, Orlando Repertory Theater, Orlando Shakespeare Theater, Orlando Fire Museum, and Mennello Museum of American Art. The 45-acre park itself offers a pleasant respite, as well as access to the Orlando Urban Trail.


On-Road Link to Cady Way Trail

An on-road route has been mapped out from the Orlando Urban Trail at Lake Highland Drive and Ferris Avenue to the Cady Way Trail at Lake Druid Park. Signs, "sharrows" and bike lanes along the roadway mark the route.

More Information and Resources

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